I believe this was taken right after their wedding ceremony

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Sylvie Vartan & Francoise Hardy, 1960s

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1974, New York — David Bowie performs as Ziggy Stardust on TV in a room at the Delmonico Hotel. — Image by © Henry Diltz/Corbis

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Kate Moss


Alexa Chung by Angelo Pennetta

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Alexa Chung for The EDIT

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"I don’t think it’s cool to be an anarchist though"

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Childe Hassam, Rainy Day, Boston (1885) / Arctic Monkeys, Reckless Serenade (2011)

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James Bagshaw of Temples by Hedi Slimane

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"Be grateful, Anya." I am grateful, grateful to get away!

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I remember when I first saw their video for ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor’ and it felt so good to me. The drummer was playing this incredible drum beat and singing with the lead singer and I felt so good about Rock N’ Roll again. Jack White on the Arctic Monkeys. (06/14/14)

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